High Performance Approaches. It’s What Makes Us, Us.

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High Performance Approaches

Key to our design is the goal of high performance. Pathfinder continues to be at the forefront in transforming the way buildings are designed, balancing environmental soundness with social and economic considerations.


Appealing, Functional, Sustainable. It’s What Makes Us, Us.

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Appealing, Functional, Sustainable

It’s more than providing what’s popular today. It’s a process that combines understanding of the owner’s needs, the building or site, the environment and vision. It’s about form and function.


Achieving Owner Requirements, Every Step of the Way. It’s What Makes Us, Us.

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Achieving Owner Requirements

A quality initiative which demonstrates and verifies that building systems perform as designed. Systems that operate properly save energy and improve occupant health and comfort.

Energy Services

Optimizing Building Efficiency. It’s What Makes Us, Us.

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Optimizing Building Efficiency

Energy processes and tools which allow the design team to prioritize systems and strategies that impact a building’s energy use, optimizing design and providing the owner with an early look at operating costs.